I want to thank everyone who came to Early Vote and to vote in the Primary yesterday.  You did your jobs by casting ballots.  We cannot expect better results from our government if we, as citizens, don't do our jobs.  

It's a bit disappointing that turnout was not higher, but I did what I could to get people to the polls without lighting my hair on fire!

With the help of my smart and dedicated team, we hand-delivered almost 10,000 palm cards; posted and shared hundreds of Facebook messages; and, mailed about 25,000 postcards to active voters.  

For the first time, we used automated calls to get people more aware and -- to my surprise -- many people actually called me back to talk!  One woman said she was actually "on her way to vote right now."

You care and you make a difference.  Thank you so much.

I ran for specific reasons and I hope that is why you cast your votes for me.  

I believe in transparent and effective government. I want progressive and smart legislation that serves the community, not special interests.  And, I believe government service can be honorable, but it should not be a life-time assignment.  With your help, we made those points part of the discussion.  

The General Election is under way and I know you will use your knowledge and passion for Frederick to make your vote count.  I know that I will.

Thank you for who you are and how you help lift this community.

Best regards,