TAX EQUITY & SERVICES – We must reform the City-County Tax Differential.  It is the first issue on my platform.  This is big and getting bigger.  City taxpayers – residential and business – leave a lot of money on the table in Winchester Hall.  We will begin to address it with the County in the first month in office so the issue is resolved before the State/County elections in 2018 and our FY19 Budget reflects the change.

As time marches on, we must admit that City services need to focus on results.  As an important example, the weeds and grass that pop up in our yards, also pop on public rights-of-way.  The cigarette butts that litter the tree wells in front of bars/restaurants on Saturday morning are not the only trash littering our streets.  The difference is, the homeowners and businesses take care of their yards and sidewalks (out of pride or fear of a violation).  Who notices when the City fails to do its work?

We are going to hold City employees accountable and follow strategies used by other communities that raise expectations and levels of service from delivering community policing, to clean streets and parks, and improved sidewalks/paths.

The City rate of growth is healthy.  People and businesses want to be here, but reluctance to address spending, tax rates and services risks steady growth.  If we reform our approach, our long-term planning and growth will be stronger and more reliable.