STEPS TO ATTRACT NEW BUSINESSES – We will focus on the basics of the Department of Economic Development (which I created in 2002): Retain, Expand and Recruit businesses.  To improve effectiveness, we will hire an Industry Specialist to focus on bringing a new regional headquarters and building on existing businesses.

Updating City operations is a must.  We created the 1-Stop Shop with the building of the City Hall Annex; now, we will make on-line permitting effective and simple. 

Workforce Development will continue to be a challenge until we foster a more effective relationship with FCC, government and the business community.  During our business inventory tours, we will improve our database of businesses and their needs.  With unemployment at extremely low levels, we need to make sure we have the workforce programs that suit our existing businesses and are agile enough to serve new businesses.

Tax incentives were tools used during my term (2002-2006) that encouraged investment in the newly-created Arts & Entertainment District, Golden Mile Tax Credit District as well as other retail corridors.  We also used fee waivers for large employers to expand (MedImmune/Astra Zeneca) and bring more jobs to Frederick.  These can be effective tools in bringing new businesses to Frederick and they are zero net costs.