A Classic Bait and Switch!
Former Vice President Joe Biden often said, “Don’t tell me your values, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.”

In 2008, Maryland voters passed a referendum allowing slots and, in 2012, expanding table games with the promise that the gambling money would go to fund important education priorities.
Since 2009, almost $2 billion has been added to the Education Trust Fund, but instead of the promised increase in education funding, the funding for education has remained constant.

Money from gambling is pouring into the State Budget, but somehow that money is just replacing existing funding NOT augmenting education funding as mandated. Now, Maryland legislators are asking voters to approve a new referendum on an Education Trust Fund that protects the revenue from future governors and legislators.

It’s kind of funny, really. They are asking voters to pass a referendum that affirms they cannot be trusted with education money.

If they cannot be trusted, vote them out.

Jennifer Dougherty

Dear Friend,                                            

Former Frederick Police Chief Kim C. Dine Supports Jennifer Dougherty for Senate.

“Nevertheless, she persisted.”  The newly-popular phrase is a good match to my political experience and my life.  It’s a challenging time in our country and it’s having an impact in Maryland.  People want government that works and are ready to elect people who have good ideas, real-world experience, and determination to get things done.  We are tired of electing people who have made careers of being politicians.  We are tired of people who show up for the photo-op, but don’t know how to create the opportunity. And, we are certainly tired of people who say one thing in campaigns, but don’t live up to their promises.

That’s why I am running for State Senate District 3!  I am excited about matching my determination and experience with the opportunity to represent Frederick in Annapolis.  We need more help from Annapolis to help improve our schools for students, support our teachers, improve our tangled transportation mess, and address real problems like the opioid crisis. 

Like most political junkies, I listen to the other candidates in the race for the State Senate – one says he is running to keep a “veto-proof majority”; another says “President Donald Trump needs an ally in Annapolis”; and yet, another says, “Governor Hogan needs help”.  It’s all politics and no people.  I am running to represent Frederick and I want to help the people who live and work here!

I am running because I have something to contribute, and the system needs people willing to fight for better things.  Better things - like a good economy that improves opportunity and wages.  Better things - like a creative and progressive system that helps build the infrastructure we need, whether in our classrooms, on our highways, or with our wastewater systems.  Better things - like a stop to rising fees so housing stays affordable and seniors are not pushed out of Frederick County.  And, better things -  like a pilot program for a drop-in center accessible 24/7 to help fight the opioid crisis.

I am a Democrat and a business person.  No, it’s not an oxymoron, but the best chance we have to make things better.  Senator Barbara Mikulski often said, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”  I am not perfect, but I bring the right mix of determination and experience to get the job done.

So, please support my campaign for State Senate District 3 right now.  Make the decision to join my fight to make things better.  Volunteer, display a sign, tell your friends, and make a financial contribution.  Your contribution goes to essential direct-mail and advertising that is needed before Early Voting – June 14-21, 2018 and the Democratic Primary on June 26, 2018. 

I don’t have the war chest of a person who has been in government for 5 decades, so I need your help.   Think about this simple equation:

·       $ 20 contribution = 5 signs

·       $ 50 contribution = 1 radio ad

·       $ 250 contribution = 100 direct mailers delivered by a local direct mail company – already securing jobs in Frederick right now!

Are you willing to do something to bring the change we need?  It takes courage, but I know you are courageous and more willing to take action than ever before.  The last year or so has proven that sitting on the sidelines – or on social media – is not enough to change things...we have to act!

In 2014, about 7,000 people voted in the Democratic Primary for State Senate District 3; this year I expect more people to be involved – we are ready for real progress.  When we win, District 3 will have someone fighting for us!  Yes, you can then say, “Nevertheless, she persisted.”


Jennifer Dougherty

Mail your check to:

Jennifer Dougherty for State Senate

Deborah Childers, Treasurer

611 Magnolia Avenue

Frederick, MD 21701


jd-senate-yard-sign-24x18 black.jpg

Jennifer Dougherty, long-time business owner and former Democratic Mayor of Frederick, filed to run for the Maryland State Senate District 3.  Dougherty cites lack of effective representation in the State Senate hurting Frederick with slipping education results, loss of classroom teachers, and worsening traffic issues as top reasons to elect her in the June 26th Democratic Primary.

I believe in public service.  Like our nation’s founders, I think public service should be purposeful, meaningful, and finite.  

·       Purposeful – being called to action to address real problems like the opioid crisis, the quality of education, keeping educators in Frederick County, economic issues from job creation and tax reform, to our failing transportation network.

·       Meaningful – being dedicated to address the issues of the day with serious attention, curiosity and focus.  A State Senator needs to focus on what’s important to the State with emphasis on what the impact is at home.  Simply signing on to dozens of bills does not make a person effective.

·       Finite – being effective, efficient, and able to work on a deadline! Presidents, Governors, County Executives, even a few Mayors are term limited, but legislators rarely place limits on their own terms.  Often candidates promise that they will serve only one term – then demonstrate otherwise.

I believe our government can work.  As Mayor, I was directly responsible for making local government more transparent, responsive, and progressive.  As a small business owner, I know the impact government decisions have on every level of business – some important and needed, others not.

I worry that our country’s political system is nearly broken beyond repair.  We need to elect people who are interested in fixing what is broken, serving their constituents, not their “political bosses”, and going back to their businesses or homes without the expectation that their political service is a lifetime promise of rewards.

Running for office is one way I prove my love of Frederick.  We can make life in Frederick better by expecting more!  We can do it by electing leaders who focus on the district, not politics.

People sometimes laugh and wonder how I can be a business owner AND a Democrat.  It’s not an oxymoron.  In this strange political moment – it’s the right combination of commitment, know-how, and responsibility. 

Believe it, or not, the June 26th Democratic Primary is your chance to say, “We want better State government,” and have a dedicated person listen!  Stay tuned and stay informed…see you on the campaign trail!


Jennifer Dougherty for State Senate

Todd R. Anderson, Chairman/Deborah Childers, Treasurer