For many years, we have discussed the East Street Corridor, this draft plan is a great next step.  During my term, we completed the sidewalks to 5th Street and making the public investment is always a good start to private investment.  As a natural extension of the Downtown, the importance of the sidewalks cannot be overstated to creating a healthy mix of residential and commercial development.  The public process to adopt the draft plan and its 7 goals is important to its success.  I want to make sure that the Neighborhood Advisory Councils are heavily involved in the process.

If elected, my job is to make it happen!  Take the elements that require City planning and investment -- sidewalks, lighting and intersection improvements – and work with the Board of Aldermen to fund them in the capital budget.  Using Carroll Creek Park as an example, we proved that once the City makes its investment, private investors make their projects happen.  When we approved the Creek investment, the Bakers at LaPaz made their move, Brad Tavel invested in the condos and commercial space that remain the core of the Creek development.