Taxes are getting too high and services are being lost.  

What will I do?

  • Re-examine the City-County Tax Differential issue because city taxpayers still carry a disproportionate burden.
  • Introduce a Senior Property Tax Credit that is meaningful, based on cost of services with the goal of allowing aging residents to stay in their homes.
  • Introduce a Property Tax Cap that addresses when a property hits its tipping point on taxes.


Dilapidated and empty commercial lots are scattered throughout our city, with no signs of life.

What will I do?

  • Keep Frederick a top destination by supporting tourism, the Downtown Frederick Partnership and the Historic Preservation Commission.
  • Focus on strong jobs in targeted areas of life sciences, technology and services by supporting the Department of Economic Development (established during my term in 2002) in their efforts to support the small businesses and creating incentives that attract the bigger ones.
  • Make progress on the Downtown Hotel project by simplifying the transaction and let the market decide what makes sense. I support this but it has gotten so tied up in “deals” at every level of government that it may not happen.


Lack of urgency and an unconcerned approach in city leadership.

What will I Do?

  • Support our growth and consider the cost to our residents. We need to start the discussion about how we grow, how much we rely on the County and whether we have the right plan for our infrastructure. 
  • Deal with the blight by improving Code Enforcement and creating a citizen Code Enforcement Board to de-politicize enforcement. Listening to and supporting the residents who take pride in our city and their neighborhoods.
  • Ease the HPC process and improve the experience by working with the Historical Preservation Commission. Historic preservation is what keeps our city on the map.
  • Be transparent by restoring weekly press conferences and requiring City staff to maintain an open-door policy with the media.  Public information is not an oxymoron, the government does public work.