Bulk Trash

“Bring Back Bulk Trash” is a fun campaign cheer for residents who feel like our services get nipped away, little by little.  When I moved here in 1987, I had no idea what “Bulk Trash” was until a server who worked with me said it is “where all the best junk gets put out!” She was quite convincing.

A few years ago, City Hall cut bulk trash pick up due to budget problems. We were told it cost $300,000 a year – too expensive?! We were told people from outside the City limits put stuff on curbs too – that seems like a lot of work to bring trash to the City! We were told to take our bulk items to a Recycle Rodeo – load ‘em up and bring my bulk trash somewhere else?!

This was a valuable service. People liked it and used it. I will bring it back. In a City Budget of $80 million, we can find $300,000 for a little more customer service.