BLIGHT – I am the only person who has fought blight by bringing 20 W. 4th St. to the Board of Aldermen for condemnation for conditions of blight (2002).  The resulting lawsuit took time to make its way through the Court system and the City “won” its appeal in 2006 (shortly after I left office).  Just three months ago, the City finally sold the property to a rehab company. 

I have acted before and I will do it again if needed.  Those currently in office, have failed to act and should be held accountable for that failure – they passed new laws that went untested or unused, and they refused to use existing laws.

When dealing with blight, I will be clear, be fair and follow the Code.  I will embrace the help offered by the NACs and watchdogs to help address the nagging problems of blight which are bringing down property values and the quality of life.

I will also recommend a Code Enforcement Board to remove the impression that politics plays a role in enforcement and minimize the need to take complaints to Court. 

For the most chronic violators, I will bring the case for condemnation and use of eminent domain to the Board of Aldermen within 6 months of taking office after following a clear and unambiguous process with City staff (legal, code enforcement, planning, economic development and police).  Until the City proves its commitment, chronic violations will continue and people will lose faith in the system.